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The Zimbabwe Daily Briefing is a new product from Zitamar News that distills the most important news every day from Zimbabwe as the country undergoes a profound transition.

“An invaluable source of on the ground events, economic intelligence and political developments for anyone with an interest in Zimbabwe's future" - Nigel Gwynne-Evans, Chief Director for African Integration & Industrial Development at South Africa’s Department of Trade and Industry

Zitamar’s succinct breakdown of the most important economic and political news of the day and non-partisan analysis has made the Zimbabwe Daily Briefing a must-read for professionals who need to keep on top of the evolving situation in Zimbabwe, through the elections and beyond.

“The daily digest is an invaluable means of keeping abreast of economic and political news in Zimbabwe. It is my go to source of daily news” - Edward Stiles, Zimbabwe Country Manager, Maris Capital

The Zimbabwe Daily Briefing is Zitamar’s first foray outside Mozambique, where we have built a reputation for trustworthy and independent news among an audience of investors, diplomats, journalists, and others.

“An essential morning read” - Angela Quintal, former editor of South Africa’s Mail & Guardian and Africa Program Coordinator for the Committee to Protect Journalists

The Zimbabwe Daily Briefing goes out every Monday to Friday, and is currently free to sign up. As of 31 July, a subscription will cost $40 per month or $365 for a year - though Monday’s edition will continue be sent to free subscribers too.

“The Daily Briefing is an indispensable resource for those following political and economic developments in Zimbabwe at this pivotal time” - Nick Branson, PhD candidate, SOAS, University of London

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